10 bicycle concept models with “untouchable” design ideas. You will be amazed with the limitless creativity of people.

Take the environmental movement by cycling to the next level. Each air purifier will be mounted on the front of the vehicle and you will become a portable air purifier every time you travel with this bike.

A rare combination of a classic big-wheel bike with a 3-wheeled bike. Oneybike is designed so that you can fold it and easily carry it every time you climb the stairs or use the train.

One of the weirdest “bicycle” models with absolutely no pedals. The mechanism of operation of the car is relatively simple: the user must run in order for the vehicle to move.

A very unique design idea, you can fold this car very neatly and put it in your bag or backpack.

This stylish looking car has a USB charging port that allows you to charge your devices right in the car. In addition, Merge also has a shelf that can be pulled out when needed in the back seat position.

This bike has a frame that glows when it’s dark. Very useful for people who often go out at night.

As its name suggests, you can completely disassemble each part of this bike and put them in a bag, then reassemble when needed, like a jigsaw puzzle.

The Ncycle gives you everything a bike can: a built-in battery that allows charging of mobile devices via USB, a safety lock, and a compact and foldable design. Okay.

This bike is equipped with a mini-generator and a battery, allowing you to channel energy from cycling into your mobile devices via a USB port located on the handlebars.

Cycling while filming? T-bike is the bike that was born to do this. With a camera mount integrated into the steering wheel, you can record your journey without affecting the steering wheel, ensuring traffic safety.

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