8 Ways 2014 was the Year of Bike Fashion


2014 was a big year for Bike Fashion. It only takes one look at our (totally non-exhaustive, a-chronological) survey of global fashion editorials and celebrity news to admit that yes, 2014 was the Year of Bike Fashion.

Cycling Chic-ly was top o’the agenda for many a fashion editor and hollywood star. Chains (as in bike) were on the brain, people. (Chain-sane in the membrane!…sorry, I grew up in the ’90s). 

Maybe it started with 1. Kiernan Shipka who donned a one-shouldered dress and a smile of serenity, on a step-in, for Vanity Fair April 2014. The precocious munchkin of Mad Men made us hanker hard for a ride along the California coastline. In a cute outfit. 

2. Several months later, Solange Knowles schooled us all in the art of the Bike Wedding

In her November nuptials to Alan Ferguson, the bride and groom ditched the traditional walk to the alter and cycled instead. Points, girl. In a custom caped jumpsuit with plunging neckline* and heels, too. That makes three badges for your Bike Pretty sash, Mrs. Ferguson. To collect anytime. We’re here for you.

3. The team at Elle Italia drew inspiration from American seventh graders circa 1993 for the Umpteenth Grunge Editorial in the History of Fashion (below), featuring model Anaïs Pouliot (November 2014). At least there’s a bike in it. And shoulder feathers. 

That skirt might get caught in the spokes though. 

…Anaïs ditched her Jansport (but kept the bike) for a spin around the gallery in fancy silk PJs. 

What’s the problem? I always sit astride my steed to look at contemporary art, don’t you? 

4. Outside the photo studio, Karlie Kloss cast her vélo aside to don waders and a floral frock for Vogue US (December 2014)

It’s like she doesn’t even care about fishing!

The shoot’s vaguely 1930s vibe took a strange turn in a second bike shot, this time with Kloss astride the Ciclotte, a futuristic stationary bike that enables one to cycle on water. Apparently.

Likely, this “design object” was product-placed in Vogue to target neurotic New York readers obsessed with SoulCycle. We’re not sure it did much for the shoot. …but it’s still a sorta-bike in a mainstream magazine, so Woot! Woot.

Very comfortable. Why do you ask?

5. Back in the studio, Ming Xi paused from pedaling to pose for Elle China (May 2014). Populated with white chiffon, grey cockatoos, and winsome tilted boater hats, this ethereal wonderland seems to promise an uncertain bliss on wheels, akin to cycling in Amsterdam on magic mushrooms. Fun! 

6. Perpetuating fashion’s latest Kardashian folie is young Kendall (née Jenner), who grabbed the handlebars for Dazed magazine’s Winter 2014 issue. Backwards. In a plunging-V, flared-leg jumpsuit (are we sensing a theme here?) 

Steely-eyed and determined like the good Kardashian she is, Kendall makes this technique look totally plausible. (Don’t try it at home though.)

7. Lindsey Wixson got gussied up in fabulous vintage ’60s gear (e.g. current Miu Miu) for her first BMX date with E.T., as shot for CR Fashion Book no. 5. There’s nothing more to say really, except Those BootsInsert heart-eyed emoji face here.

8. Rounding out the year was Vogue Paris’ ingenious Cadeaux editorial (Dec 2014/Jan 2015). 

Because Valentino and bicycles are a match made in Bike Pretty heaven. This woulda charmed our socks off regardless of the bike or not, but the white step-through obvz takes it up like 10,000 levels.  

Basically, this Barbie-inspired shoot is the most utterly charming holiday issue spread we’ve ever seen.

*Apparently it wasn’t the only one she wore at the wedding.

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