Appears a unique motorcycle, the wheel has no spokes and axles

With an unusual body, an engine styled like a vacuum cleaner, and wheels without axles and spokes, the Dyson concept is said to be the perfect vehicle for urban traffic in the future.

This latest Dyson concept was designed by Saharudin Busri. The model is believed to be a vehicle solution that offers a futuristic driving experience.

Dyson’s new motorcycle concept.

The car has design features that bring a lot of electronic equipment and achieve a high level of aesthetics, looking like a perfect vehicle for the streets of tomorrow.

The wheel rim has a design without axles and spokes. While the engine area of ​​the car has a cube that looks like a V11 vacuum cleaner model.

Overall, this is a beautiful car, with a fully functional design and unique seat inspired by science fiction. Looking at the Dyson concept, you will probably imagine the Light Cycle model from the fictional Tron movie for a while.

Vehicle specifications have not yet been revealed specifically. However, the styling of the vehicle without axles and spokes like Dyson really impresses two-wheeler fans around the world and also in Vietnam.

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