Artistry on Two Wheels: The Stunning Visualization of the Porsche Superbike


Spanish designer Miguel Angel Bahri, who foretold how BMW’s two-wheelers would be designed, recently envisioned a completely different branded motorcycle in the two-wheeler village that Porsche wanted to produce.

Pre-simulation image of Porsche’s super motorcycle.

According to Bahri, it is possible that Porsche’s motorcycle concept will run on electric power like the 918 Spyder cars. The model has been nicknamed the 618 because it will be Porsche’s premium two-wheeler and is just below the 718 series. “I wanted to embody the spirit and DNA of Porsche in the future, which is an all-electric and premium power cruiser,” said Bahri.

This will be an extremely powerful electric supercar.

Bahri explains that the vision of Porsche’s future two-wheeler is based on the “shape for function” design philosophy that Porsche has revealed. That means that the bike will use a swingarm as the front suspension with the steering wheel placed in the center, which is where the typical telescopic forks are located to help lower the vehicle’s center of gravity for easier handling.

The body panels can be opened and closed.

The electric motor is capable of producing 160 horsepower. With this power, Bahri believes that Porsche’s motorcycles are not strong enough to pull powerful European cruisers like the Ducati Diavel with a capacity of 162 horsepower.

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