Audi’s First Electric Bicycle Unveiled: The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Sustainability

Possessing a “futuristic” design, Audi’s bicycles are equipped with 26-inch wheels made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic weighing 0.6kg. This type of wheel, dubbed Audi’s “steel blade” , is designed to optimally transmit power to the pedals.

In addition, the car’s ultra-light carbon fiber frame also weighs only 1.6 kg.

Powering the car is an electric motor with a capacity of 2.3kW and maximum torque of 250Nm. This is very unlikely to happen with conventional technologies.

The power source to operate this motor is a 5kg lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. The total weight of Audi’s e-bike is only 21kg.

Notably, the e-bike has up to 5 driving modes to help drivers easily choose. The first is the Pure pedal-only mode, followed by the Pedelec mode that uses the power from the electric motor to help the car reach a maximum speed of 80km / h and a range of about 50 to 70km. Along with that is the pure electric mode eGrip, Wheelie mode for those who like to load and practice mode to help the car maintain a fixed speed.

In addition, the e-bike also has some highlights such as a 9-speed hydraulic transmission, two front and rear disc brakes and an electronic control system that allows connection to a smartphone.

With the above features, this powerful bike will help riders easily perform risky stunts, requiring skillful technique at high speed.

However, the price of this car is certainly not pleasant. Other bike versions of the company such as Audi Duo City are sold at 6,530 USD (about 140 million VND), Audi Sport Duo is 7,350 USD and Audi DuoRoad is 7,460 USD (about 160 million VND).

Here are pictures of the Audi e-bike when it was still a sketch:

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