Bike to the Future! Stunning ultra-sleek TMC Dumont motorcycle has record-breaking 36-inch hubless wheels and is powered by an AIRCRAFT engine

A former Formula One driver has designed an ultra-sleek new motorbike, known as the TMC Dumont, powered by a vintage 300-horsepower Rolls-Royce Continental V6 aircraft engine. 

The futuristic ride has 36-inch hubless wheels – ‘the largest wheels ever made for a motorcycle’ according to the Brazilian creator Tarso Marques.

The wheels are fixed to the base of the rim giving the motorcycle the appearance that it is ‘floating’ on the road.

Creator Tarso Marques said he has been dreaming about the design for 15 years, which he describes as the ‘most expressive event of customisation in the world’.

The motorcycle was built for the 77th Daytona Beach Bike Week rally event in Florida, where it was awarded the title of ‘Best in Show’ earlier this year.

The enormous wheels are made to invoke a reaction in the observer, Marques said. The wheels are fixed in a lower section, so the vehicle appears to be ‘floating’

Every aspect of the TMC Dumont was developed and manufactured in Brazil – from the design of the chassis, to the colour and painting of the frame.

Describing his creation as ‘the most expressive event of customisation in the world’, Marques described the motorbike as the culmination of years of planning.

‘It’s a special project that I’ve been dreaming about for at least 15 years. I did not develop it before because it was very difficult to realise it without technological assistance from outside partners’, said Marques.

‘And I wanted this to be a 100 per cent Brazilian project, without any foreign supplier.’

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