Experience the Height of Elegance: Introducing the Lexus-Style Luxury Hybrid Bike

As a product of an expensive car brand, the concept of a hybrid electric and lithium battery bike recently introduced by Lexus not only ensures luxury elements, but also has a rather strange design.

As announced by Lexus, this bike owns a frame made of super durable carbon material. The car is equipped with a 240W electric motor and a 25.9V lithium lion battery, with two energy use modes, Eco and Power.

The vehicle’s transmission system is supplemented with an 8-speed Shimano speed regulator, allowing users to customize the speed of movement when running on an electric motor. The brake system applies energy regeneration technology.

The car has a length of 1,598 mm, a width of 425 mm, a seat height of 900 mm, a wheelbase of 1,080 mm, and a weight of about 17 kg.

The most notable in this model is Lexus Hybrid Drive technology, when the user pedals with traditional pedals, the kinetic energy generated will be converted into energy to recharge the vehicle’s electric battery.

Here are some interesting images of this futuristic bike:

Luxury Lexus-style hybrid bike - Photo 1

Luxury Lexus-style hybrid bike - Photo 2
Luxury Lexus-style hybrid bike - Photo 3
Luxury Lexus-style hybrid bike - Photo 4
Luxury Lexus-style hybrid bike - Photo 5

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