Folding bike to help you travel anywhere

Referring to Japan, people immediately think of scientific and technological advances that make the whole world respect. From music players, TVs, refrigerators to cars or bullet trains… all are the result of constant effort and creativity. Not only that, Japan is also very famous for small but extremely useful and unique products in daily life. Let’s take a look at some of the cool products below!

This bike is super convenient! It can be folded! A very practical invention for housewives, isn’t it? Smiley socket. This way, you don’t have to worry about your drinks spilling on your books or your computer. Hidden in the bathtub is a secret cabinet. The drawers are very spacious and smartly designed. Thought the socket turned out to be a secret compartment. You can plug in as many or as few plugs as you want! Convenient for both mom and baby!! This way, you won’t wake others up when you want to go to the bathroom or drink water at night. When not needed, can be folded, very space saving. For those who like to be a little lazy. You can still immerse yourself in the water 







and drinks are always available with a few simple controls.

The device that holds the pages of the book is very convenient!

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