Every time we post a story about a dustbin concept or build, I feel the need to disclose my affinity for these designs. Maybe it’s the sleek lines that appeases my sense, or maybe it’s because of the attention spent to the aerodynamics of the machine. Either way, we lust.

Today’s entry shows us the “Fulcrum Sprint” concept by Anirbaan Nandi. The bike is supposed to be a futuristic electric-powered sprint racer, though we see some elements from Ducati’s Panigale superbike in the rear-end of the machine.

The familiarness mainly comes from the single-sided swingarm and offset rear shock placement. Other items include a trellis frame, which can be seen through the windowed fairing on the dustbin, which may not be very effective against the wind, but do provide an appeal aesthetic.

Source: Rocket Garage