Impressed with super unique bikes


Not only motorbikes and cars attract everyone’s attention, bicycles also have their own unique features and unmatched designs.

Bicycles with unique designs in the world

See how creative people can be with a simple bicycle, without complicated engines. Surely you will be surprised to see the funny bikes below.

Impressed with super unique bikes
The car is funny with the idea that the fork slug is hidden inside.

Simple design but as strong as a motorcycle.

Bicycles follow the “transparent” school (including costumes).

For drivers who are passionate about chopper cars.

Ghost (Bicycle) Rider style car.

Surrealistic bike with impressive curves.

Not “in the same direction”.

A driver who loves sports, especially the Olympic Games!

There are no pedals, but there must be brakes.

Fancy wooden double bike.

Bicycle with a mechanical structure like a treadmill.

Lovely “wooden car”.

Hybrid bike “explosive” cafe racer.

Run 2 bikes at the same time.

Passengers can relax comfortably with this vehicle.

The design is both classic and modern, but still very eye-catching.

Who says wheels can’t be square?

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