Introducing the Lamborghini LMXX2: Conquer the Off-Road with this Unleashed Dune Bashing Beast

The normally sleek hypercar now has mᴀssive treads that jut out like spikes.

This designer has taken the Lamborghini Sian and turned it into an off-roading, dune bashing demon.

The normally sleek hypercar now has mᴀssive treads that jut out like spikes.

The man behind the design, Michael Hritz, described the design as a rush job to meet the ᴅᴇᴀᴅline for an Instagram compeтιтion.

AGP Contest gave participants just three keywords for their designs – ‘desert, Lamborghini, and future’.

“The night before the ᴅᴇᴀᴅline I thought, what kind of insanity would the Italians come up with. Having spent time driving on sand dunes and ridden in an RWD Diablo, I knew the whole bottom of the car needed to be traction,” he told Interesting Engineering.

“So it had to be a tank.”

So, Hritz, aka Hritzkrieg, put his head down and got to work.

An hour later, he had the rough design sketched out on his Oculus Quest 2.

The Lamborghini concept wasn’t just thrown together either, Hritzkrieg said every section was designed for maximum performance.

He made sure the tracks were angled perfectly to make them more aerodynamic.

He also designed the canopy with as much glᴀss as possible so the driver wouldn’t feel caged in by the overbearing tracks.

Speaking of the tracks, he designed them to weigh more than the tires so the driver could correct their angles in mid-air.

Remember this thing is made for high-performance dune bashing.

While the Lamborghini concept design looks insanely cool, Hritzkreig admitted it might be somewhat complicated to bring to life.

“In reality, it would be horribly complicated, I know the engineers looking at this are cringing. Think of the pile of warranty claims,” he said.

The off-road Lambo, dubbed the Lamborghini LMXX2, is just one of a bunch of crazy cool designs sketched by Hritzkrieg.

You can check them all out on his page here!

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