Lopifit: The Unique Combination of Cycling and Walking for Optimal Health

We all know the treadmill in the gym. But in the Netherlands, a manufacturer has created the Lopifit walking bike, the world’s first special product that combines a bicycle and a portable walker.

Bruin Bergmeester, a resident of a small village in the Valthe region of the Netherlands, built the world’s first walking bicycle and named his bike Lopifit. This strange car was born quite by accident when he was exercising on the treadmill and suddenly thought: “why don’t I take this treadmill out on the street?”

Mr. Bruin Bergmeester on his walking bike. Photo: Getty Images

Mr. Bruin Bergmeester on his Lopifit walking bike. Photo: Getty Images

While jogging in the gym one day, he came up with the idea to bring the treadmill outside. And so he set out to build a car with a combination of bicycle wheels, an electric scooter engine, and a treadmill platform. It is with this strange combination that the Lopifit walking bike has attracted a lot of attention from people in the region, Young Intellectuals newspaper reported.

The 2.3-meter-long bike is a combination of an electric motor, wheels, and a walking table instead of the traditional pedals of a bicycle and a battery (which can go up to 55 km). The principle of operation of the Lopifit walking bike is quite simple, the driver just needs to walk on the engine floor of the vehicle, the transmission will convert the kinetic energy of the footsteps into the speed to move the bike.

The Lopifit walking bike costs $2,000. Photo: Getty Images

The Lopifit walking bike costs $2,000. Photo: Getty Images

 However, due to the heavy weight of the car, Mr. Bruin Bergmeester has added an electric motor behind to assist the driver to make traveling on the vehicle lighter. Users only need to step evenly on the walking table for the car to move and it only takes 30 minutes to travel on a 12-km distance.

Lopifit’s head of Marketing shared: “The car can reach a speed of 25km / h, it’s faster and more interesting than walking normally.”

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