Meet the Unique Transforming Electric Bike

In just a few seconds, from a car on the road, you can fold it and carry it with you or put it in the trunk of your car.

Ecogo Biz is a folding bike with a fairly small size, handy, can be folded in just a few seconds to put in the trunk of the car. The chassis is made of solid die-cast aluminum alloy. The folding joint system uses wear-resistant bearings.
When opened, the vehicle has a length x width x height of 1,260 x 570 x 900 (mm), respectively. 

However, when folded, the size is only 500 x 250 x 700 (mm). Folding the car is very simple. First, you squeeze the latch to lower the height of the saddle, pull the handle on the chassis to fold the car. Then remove the two latches on the handlebars to fold the handlebars down, and finally fold the pedals inwards. 
The car uses a Samsung Lithium battery with a voltage of 36V and a capacity of 9Ah.
Although the size is quite small, the car is still equipped with front / rear disc brakes to increase safety.
The weight is only 17 kg to increase maneuverability, while the maximum load is up to 120 kg, equivalent to 2 adults.
The car can reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h, the range of which is 45 km per charge. Time to fully charge the battery in 4 hours.
The powertrain on the car uses a dual drive hub, an electric motor with a capacity of 200W.
The saddle is designed quite stylishly with prominent red lines and two-tone leather.

The cycling movement is emerging recently because of its convenience and environmental friendliness. Therefore, this is a potential market where companies are competing fiercely.

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