Pioneering the Future of Commuting with the World’s First Chainless Electric Bike

The special feature of this bike is that it does not have a chain link between the pedal and the rear wheel. Instead of the chain ring that often annoys many users, the designer applied a very unique solution.

The bike’s pedal shaft is attached to a generator, the energy generated will charge the lithium – ion battery block in the body of the bike. A 250W electric motor at the rear wheel will keep the car in motion.

The unique design also gives the Mando Footloose another useful ability, as it has a swivel joint in the middle of the body to help users fold it up when not in use. With a weight of only 48 pounds (21 kg), one can easily take Mando Footloose anywhere.

The only weakness of Mando Footloose is that the price to own it is not “soft” at all, $4,000.

In addition to the Korean domestic market, Footloose is currently on sale in several major e-bike markets, including most of Western Europe, the US, UAE, Russia and Singapore.

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