Restoring the world’s longest limousine


After more than 2 decades, the Guinness record for the world’s longest car of the American Dream limousine with 26 wheels has not been surpassed by any competitor. It is expected that by early 2021, the car will be fully restored.

The “American Dream” looks like it will rise again after years of dormancy. The limousine based on the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado platform called American Dream, built by the extremely famous car customizer Jay Ohrberg in the 1990s, entered the Guinness Book of Records thanks to its total length of up to 30. ,5 meters.

During its heyday, American Dream required 2 riders at the same time due to its excessive length, which prevented the driver at the front of the car from observing the situation behind. Due to the large length and weight, the car also needs a second engine to be able to fully operate up to 26 wheels.

Jay Ohrberg equips this one-of-a-kind limo with many interesting areas that are extremely rare in cars such as mini golf, hot tub, swimming pool with jumping platform and even helipad.



However, after a glorious period lasting 2 decades, American Dream fell into a state of “hibernation” due to lack of care leading to serious deterioration. It was not until August 2019, that Autoseum – the auto museum in New York that had owned cars in the past, planned to restore this iconic car through funding from 3rd parties.

To be able to be repaired effectively, the car was cut in half and shipped from New York to Florida for a restoration team consisting of student volunteers from Autoseum and a team of professionals to hire. Each car area will be restored individually, but this is still not an easy request because many details have rusted after years of exposure to the sun and rain.



Replacement parts are also a headache when they have to use the right parts purchased from Cadillac Eldorado or donated from 3rd parties. Currently, the American Dream’s exterior has been largely restored and is just waiting. Finished paint before being put on display.



However, special areas such as swimming pools or helipads will take more work to restore and will be implemented gradually with the goal of completing the first quarter of 2021.

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