“Smooth Ride, Natural Vibes: Feel the Difference with a Wooden Racing Bike


Sueshiro Sano, who has 9 years of experience in shipbuilding, applied shipbuilding techniques to create this luxurious wooden racing bike.


With skillful techniques, each wood panel to make this bike is subjected to special treatment to increase rigidity as well as flexibility.

Every component of the bike is made of wood, from the frame, the saddle, the rims, the tires, the handlebars and even the drink holder, except the gears and brake pads.


Each grain of wood shows the luxury of the car


Sano thinks his wooden racing bike has advantages over other materials such as carbon fiber composite. Because wood is also made up of fibers that have very small holes containing air bubbles inside, so when the wood is impacted, it will release air out to form an air cushion, absorbing the forces and making the journey. become softer.


At the same time, Sano also assures that its bicycle manufacturing process adheres to the principle of safety and efficiency first.

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