The Advent of Di-Cycles and Amphibious Concepts

Here is a futuristic concept, but responding to a very specific problem. Indeed, the Di-Cycle was designed by the Dutch studio GBO Design not only to ride on the roads, but also… on the country’s canals.
Proposed for the Brabantse Spelen 2005 (Dutch design competition), this half-bike, half-pedal boat opens our minds. Imagine this dicycle equipped with an electric motor, facilitating pedaling like a VAE . Equip it with a bubble, protecting the “pilot” from rain, wind, dust. The wheels pushed to the outside leave enough space behind it to accommodate a few things: you then get a clean, all-terrain individual vehicle!
We can always dream…

For information, a dicyle is a vehicle whose two wheels are positioned next to each other (and not one behind the other as on a classic bicycle): here are various models throughout history …

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