The Ultimate Folding Bike for Discerning Gentlemen

Folding bike, also known as folding bike, can go with the family on long trips, instead of having to call a taxi, cyclo, etc. or rent a car to visit tourist attractions, folding bicycles will bring experiences. The experience is much better when you can actively stop where you want, with the time you choose without being bound by any factors.

In particular, the UK’s Strida bicycle line is a reputable folding bike brand in the market, favored by many people because of its superior features.


The Strida folding bike was invented as a solution to the problem of traffic congestion in big cities

In 1984, Mark Sanders – the founder of STRiDA took the design of folding bicycles as his graduation research topic. In 1985, Sanders completed this piece and a prototype STRiDA appeared on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World, UK. In 1986, the British manufacturer Glasgow decided to produce the STRIDA folding bike. In 1987, STRiDA began to be mass-produced in the UK. From 1990, the production line moved to Portugal and in 1997 the production line was moved back to the UK. In 2008, to meet the rapidly increasing demand, the company decided to move the production line to Taiwan by Ming Cycle Factory.

STRIDA is the only folding bike that is grease-free, corrosion-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. This is also the lightest folding bike product in the world and when folded, it can still be pushed / pulled very easily and conveniently. The vehicle is manufactured with special 7000 series aluminum alloy, long life. Time to fold / open the car takes no more than 10 seconds. The Strida folding bike was invented as a solution to the problem of traffic congestion in big cities.

Like all other Strida folding bikes , the Strida EVO is designed with a unique A-shaped frame, with a single axle attached to the wheel instead of 2 side axles like conventional bikes, this increase the car’s fashion and easily change tires and tubes. The car when folded is only about the size of an umbrella and the operation to fold it is less than 10 seconds, extremely simple without any support tools.

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strida evo folding bike with 18 inch wheels, 3 speeds

The Strida EVO folding bike is the best quality bike in the 3 Strida folding bike lines. The bike excels with a 3-speed design, allowing cyclists to actively switch to the appropriate pedal mode for different road conditions. With 3 speeds, you can achieve incredibly fast and smooth speeds with no effort.

Gone are the days when the bicycle was a rudimentary means of transport, only for women to go to the market or children to go to school. Bicycles today go hand in hand with technology, modernity and fashion. The biggest strength of the Strida LT folding bike is the special belt drive system that has a durability of up to 80,000km. Without using a chain, riding a Strida folding bike will be much cleaner than using a chain-driven bike. Equipped with a high-quality leather saddle, a strong sport saddle, and a classy and luxurious car color like White, Matte Silver, Glossy Silver, Banana Green, Brown, Copper Brown, Green, Black…, the STRida EVO folding bike completely shows the user’s class and personality.

The super-premium STRiDA EVO is a great model for those gentlemen who love novelty and class, who want to express their style through perfect and luxurious details.

Not everyone is so sophisticated when choosing for themselves a means of transportation that is compact, convenient, easy to fold and put in the trunk of the car, but it takes less than 10 seconds to open like the old Strida EVO folding bike.

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