The Ultimate Game Changer at 1.1 Billion Dong

An electric car model called ” Novus ” was launched at the CES 2019 event . So far, Novus has officially accepted orders for its electric car model. The car will have prices depending on color such as: $ 47,423 equivalent to 1.1 billion for red, blue, white and $ 48,569, equivalent to 1.125 billion for silver and gold (both prices are not included. tax). This price is considered expensive for an electric motorcycle.


In terms of appearance, most components and frames are meticulously made of carbon. This Novus model has a frame made from monolithic carbon and wheels are also made of carbon, so the weight of the car is quite light at only 75 kg (including battery). The car is equipped with 1 headlight located in front of the handlebar.


The electric motor is rear-mounted with a maximum capacity of 24 hp (18kW), maximum torque of 200 Nm. The car can reach a maximum speed of 120 km / h with the ability to accelerate from 0 – 50 km / h in 3 seconds. The Li-ion battery is mounted low to reduce center of gravity and improve handling. This Novus electric motorcycle uses a single adjustable front fork. The rear uses a mono shock fork that is neatly placed in the frame to minimize dust and dirt while running.


Technologies equipped on the car include: NFC and a separate app to connect to the phone. App dedicated to Novus has the function of displaying all the necessary parameters for the vehicle. Also you can unlock via the phone’s NFC without the need for a key.


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