This Crazy Electric Bicycle Looks Like Something A Superhero Would Ride.Transformer style bike.

This concept bike–meant to “act as a critique of many widely accepted conventions within the cyclist culture”–looks nothing like any bike you’ve ever seen before

Designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli unveiled the design of  INgSOC, a radical new hybrid electric/pedal-powered cycle that has a yellow and black time trial-inspired machine may look more like one of Transformer Bumblebee’s arms, but it is brimming with the latest bike technology. The designers see frame strength being supplied by a lightweight carbon fiber reinforced polymer that’s been specially cured to improve core strength. Kim and Cemoli say that INgSOC offers the flexible handling and comfort qualities offered by more traditional bikes while also benefiting from the aerodynamics of triathlon designs.

Courtesy of Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli

Carbon-fibre reinforced polymer has been used to construct the frame, which houses the battery and electronics to control the electric side of the chainless drivetrain. Three modes are available: electric only, pedal only or a combination of the two (electric assist).

Courtesy of Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli

There’s a smartphone dock on the hump of the upper part of the frame to keep the rider in touch with the world while on the move or perhaps act as a GPS or wireless performance monitor. Lighting is included in the design, with direction indicators built-in.

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