This FUCI bike is a combination of traditional bicycles and designs and features taken from cars and motorcycles


Since the two-wheeled bicycle was invented until now, not much has changed in terms of design and features equipped. Although there are a number of improvements to make the bikes more capable on all terrains, lighter and more durable frames thanks to new materials, the basic design of the bike remains unchanged.

Robert Eggers new concept (pictured) revolutionises the design of the bicycle from the ground up, reimagining everything from the aerodynamics to neat integration with the latest technology

And designer Robert Egger, who is also the creative director of a traditional bicycle manufacturer, wants to change the way these two-wheelers have worked for decades. With the all-new FUCI bike, Egger believes it will replace traditional bikes in the not too distant future.

FUCI has an aerodynamic design that makes us easily think of a MotoGP racing car. However, the most notable features of this bike are the electronic control system, not the eye-catching design and special materials that make the bike.

Egger said his car is equipped with so many advanced features that the control center will be your smartphone. FUCI has a charging dock right in front, where the driver can both charge the phone and control the entire car through a software.

Robert Egger (pictured) ditched official cycling regulations for his concept model, and said that cyclists should embrace technology that the automotive industry has benefited from  

Power used to charge the phone is provided by lithium batteries, which can be charged via a flywheel mounted on the rear of the vehicle. Egger also intends to improve the windshield at the front of the car into a solar panel, which will provide electricity even when the rider is not riding.

Through the smartphone application, the driver can control all parameters of the vehicle from speed, orientation, weather conditions to tire pressure. In addition to the GPS locator, FUCI is also equipped with many sensors that help the car automatically turn on the lights when it is dark or detect and warn when another vehicle may cause a collision.

The fUCI concept bike puts your smartphone at the centre of its design and could revolutionise the cycling experience for professionals and amateurs alike. Robert Egger, creative director of California-based bike manufacturer Specialized, has ditched official regulations to build the fUCI smartbike (pictured)

You can also use your smartphone to order the car to be locked, preventing theft. And then unlock it with a smartphone, like the remote control of high-end cars.

Although the technology integrated on this bike is the dream of many people. But FUCI is facing a ban from the UCI International Cycling Federation, because the addition of advanced technologies to assist and interfere too much with the driver’s vehicle control is prohibited.

However, Mr. Egger is still calling on people to embrace new technologies, attracting more world attention to help the FUCI car run on the street in the not too distant future.

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