If Maserati builds a futuristic superbike, it would undoubtedly catch eyeballs, and this concept design truly deserves the Maserati badge. This superbike design by passionate motorhead Tomáš Klečka – a student from Brno, the Czech Republic – is certainly one that’s so ride-worthy. The electric two-wheeler looks inspired by the Xenomorph XX121 alien for its mean machine character. On the flip side, the superbike is just more than its flashy Trident logo.

The air vents on the sides are so reminiscent of the Maserati brand and the cars we’ve seen all these years. Big hubless wheels lend the Maserati electric concept bike the signature Tron bike character – and one can say – the ride is a striking image of the legendary superbike. A badass-styled set of wheels with the Xenomorph XX121 and Tron bike styling. Now, that’s quite rare, to be frank. The dark magenta color with the white stripe right in the middle is so Instagrammable. Add to that the big Maserati Trident logo and the creation is destined to be a dream ride for anyone who lays their eyes on it.

The low center of gravity of the Maserati electric concept and the forward-leaning position give it a street racing vibe. Perhaps it is a true reflection of the Maserati Motorcycles build between 1953 and 1960. Unfortunately, due to intense competition from other Italian motorbike makers, the division eventually shunned. So, as a tribute to the Maserati’s stint with the two-wheelers, who won’t want to own this beauty and park it on their porch? Tomáš has managed to inculcate the rich history of Maserati into the shape of a bike that’ll make you go week in the knees!

Designer: Tomáš Klečka

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