Before video games totally dominated our free time, physical outdoor games were the preferred source of constructive daily activities. Now that we are heading into the era of mixed reality as a source of entertainment, it will totally outshine any other way of interacting with the online world. To be precise, Metaverse is going to be a part of living, directly or indirectly.

While we are still a long way away from the novelty, gamification is trending currently for good reason. A good example is, fusing the physical and online gaming world, but instead of doing things in the Metaverse, it’ll be done in the real world.

Designer: Benjamin Miller



MG-X trike concept with its dual mobility options sets the tone for gamification and urban commuting. Depending on the needs of the rider, the shape-shifting platform can either adapt a wider four-wheeled stance or contract into a three-wheeled chassis for a balanced, compact city ride configuration. This is done by combining two MG-X trikes to form the side body of the four-wheeler. The transition is also dependent on the gamification modes to which the users are guided via the app.





In the trike mode one of the wheels is removed while in the four-wheeled mode, the platform can be extended to have a MUV-like long configuration. Here the vehicle has a two-seater arrangement one behind the other. In the most compact configuration (three-wheeled trike one) users can choose to fit it inside a stylish storage unit – virtually folding up into the body.

MG-X takes a leaf from the book of other such shape-shifting vehicles but with the added advantage of pepping things up courtesy of the gamified zone. The concept has a robust suspension system indicating its ability to be a capable off-roading commuter too. Whether or not modular vehicles will be accepted by the masses in the near future, trikes will always have their merits as personal space-optimized commuters.

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