Top 10 most beautiful motorcycle and scooter designs in 2023

Launched to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Bauhaus art school – Germany, the motorrad F850 GS custom is the latest limited edition motor launched by Krautmotors, with another name known as: ” Bahaus 100”. The car exudes creativity with a blend of classic “vintage” and unique modern elements. Featured in the design can be mentioned as the improved and enlarged R60/6 frame, simulating the classic B3 chair of Marcel Breuer (also known as the wassily chair). With a design that is simple but still brings outstanding and innovative features, the car has successfully recreated a modern version of the classic BMW /5 launched in 1969.

02. Aston Martin unveils its first impressive motorcycle model.

British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin and its partner Brough Superior recently unveiled their first motorcycle under the brand name – the AMB 001 at the EICMA – Milan motor show. This is a special limited edition that brings many outstanding elements in the design, such as the front frame of the car attached to two forks for the front wheels, or the entire body made of carbon fiber, feels sturdy, durable yet still has a very light dry weight. Outside, the car is covered in the traditional Aston Martin paint colors – Stirling Green and Lime Essence, along with details for the front forks, wheels and brake assemblies in matte black.

03. Hades from Curtiss Motorcycles

Hades is the name of the latest model in the electric car line from Curtiss motor company, with a unique appearance and full of personality. The car’s distinctive appearance was created by genius designer JT Nesbitt – with lines that make the car look like a shotgun, with the saddle curved like a gun hammer, the frame a gun body and The battery is the warhead. True to what the exterior shows, the car also possesses a speed as fast as a bullet, with a battery capacity of up to 16.8 kwh, creating torque of up to 147 ft-lb (200 nm).

04. BMW R18 – classic design affirms its position in modern times

Going against the trend of mixing classic and modern design lines in the exhibition products at the Concorso dáteleganza d’este villa, BMW motorrad has marked its return with the R18 model and the classic designs that make it its brand. On the R18, BMW has optimized all the most basic elements for a motorbike, while bringing the classic designs of BMW motorbikes: a powerful Boxer engine, sturdy frame, The axle is exposed, the fuel tank is teardrop shaped and the paint is glossy black.

05. Death machine of London with samurai warrior – Kenzo.

Inspired by ancient Japanese Samurai armor, the Death Machine of London motorcycle company created a breakthrough in design by covering the classic 1977 Honda with a layer of sturdy and strong armor. The car’s body is covered with layers of steel that are meticulously bent, exacting to every detail to hug the car frame tightly. Up front, the car’s grille was created by a 3D printer, providing precision and sharpness. At the rear, the car’s beam is designed to be open, revealing the shock absorber and rear axle.

06. BMW motorrad vision DC roadster

For 90 years, the 2-cylinder Boxer engine has become a trademark of BMW, both in technical expertise and in appearance. But with the goal of creating products that use electricity, BMW recently launched an electric Vision DC Roadster model, with the gasoline engine now being replaced by an electric battery placed in the middle. The car is surrounded by the square, strong lines that are so familiar to BMW cars.

07. CAKE motor launches an electric scooter model with the ability to “many changes”.

Recently, CAKE motor has launched an electric car model with impressive and fancy appearance called ösa. The car model brings a breakthrough in design when it can meet countless user needs with more than 1,000 variations and pieces to meet all purposes of use, whether commuting, working, shopping or even eat and drink. Because it is designed to be convenient and diverse, ösa will be relatively limited in speed when only having two power levels: 1.5 kwh and 2.6 kwh, with a maximum electric range of about 100km when fully charged.

08. The true mini-bike is created from an old car.

Car tuning expert Brent Walter has excited the car enthusiasts by launching a mini-bike called “Volkspod” that is small and somewhat “adorable” from completely dismantling the classic Volkswagen Beetle. To create the chassis, Walter welded together the front and rear fenders of a Volkswagen Type 1, and also reused the car’s headlights. Regarding the engine, this mini-bike uses a 79cc Volkswagen engine.

09. Curtiss motorcycle and shiny black electric bobber



Not long after launching the “Hera” model, Curtiss Motorcycle launched an electric vehicle named Zeus with a design ahead of its time. The highlight of the car is the smooth, flexible lines and shapes, along with the wheels made of carbon fiber, and finally, a glossy jet-black paint color covers the car. The car’s weight is also extremely light, only about 475 pounds (~215 kg), contributing to an impressive speed when it can reach 0 – 100 mph in just 2.1 seconds, with a maximum speed of about 280 mph. .

10. Pierre Terblanche with his first electric motorbike product called hyperTEK collection


Last November, tire manufacturer Blackstone (BST) joined hands with Pierre Terblanche – former design director at Ducati, to launch its first electric motorcycle product: BST hyperTEK. The car has a powerful DHX hawk engine, producing 107 horsepower with up to 88 ft-lb of torque. When fully charged, hyperTEK can reach a maximum range of up to 300 km, with just 30 minutes of charging from a DC fast charger.

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