Top 24 unique and strange bicycle models that make you admire

DiCycle is conceptualized and designed by GBO company, currently still in the unfinished concept stage. A unique feature of this bike is that it can move both on land and in water. 

To be able to move the rider must sit in the middle of the two wheels. Perhaps you will not expect that the bike can go underwater. The truth will surprise you after the car is put on the market, let’s wait and see! 

DiCycle's bike

Bird of Prey Bike is a unique bicycle model designed by John Aldridge . The riding position is quite interesting, different from regular bicycles. In addition to the sitting position, users can lie down to cycle. 

Although this bike has a strange shape, it is very suitable for people with bone and joint diseases. It can be said that the safety and speed of the Bird of Prey Bike is higher than that of ordinary bicycles.

Bird of Prey Bike

The Backpack bike was designed by Chang Ting Jen in the World Bicycle design competition . The car has a strange look. This will be the perfect choice for those who are in need of transportation, especially those who need to go on a trip.

If you don’t want the hassle of having to park your car, then maybe this will be the right vehicle for you. Because you can fold it and take it with you.

The Backpack bike

Halfbike is one of the strange and famous bicycle lines designed by the company Kolelinia . The car has a vertical design, is operated by the mechanism of using pedals and controlled by a pair of handlebars.

Halfbike bikes can run on short distances from 5km , along with standing position, the rider will have a longer view. This bike has a faster travel speed than light motorbikes, traveling speed is about 32km/h .


The Fliz pedalless, saddleless bike was designed in partnership with Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter . This is one of the main weird bike lines because it has neither saddle nor pedals.

To control the vehicle to move, the rider must use his or her feet to push the vehicle away. After the car has moved and has momentum, you can now raise your foot to place it on the rear wheel.

Bike without saddle, without pedal Fliz

The EBIQ bicycle is one of the strange bicycle models invented by Yuji Fujimura . Although the car has a strange shape, it is no less creative.

The car works when using lithium batteries , contributing to environmental protection according to the green living trend in the future. One more interesting thing is that the car also has a place for laptops , riders can walk and charge their laptops, very convenient.


One of the next unique bicycle models is the cardboard bike , which is the product of Izhar Gafni . The bike was built with the purpose of creating conditions for unique and strange bike enthusiasts who do not have the economic conditions to buy. 

Besides, it also contributes to reducing waste on the environment, because the car is made mainly from cardboard, along with recycled plastic. Bicycles made from cardboard are quite durable, resistant to water and fire very effectively. In addition, the vehicle can withstand loads of up to 125kg .

Bicycles made from cardboard

Looking at the outside design of bicycles made from bamboo frames, there is no different from ordinary bicycles. The impression of this bike line is that the material to create the bike is made of bamboo. 

According to the manufacturer, the use of bamboo as a bicycle brings many benefits such as: durable materials, reduced product costs, environmental friendliness, etc. In particular, the car has an eye-catching design, strange.

Bicycles made from bamboo frames

Olli Erkkil is a designer, often creating many unique product models, including the Phantom without fork . The car has a curved design, the front wheel of the car is only fixed on one side.

Compared to racing bikes in the 1970s, the Phantom bike is exactly the same, except that the Phantom bike doesn’t have forks . To let the car move, the driver will use the smart handle system to control.

Phantom car without forks

The car HMK 561 was conceived and designed by Ralf Kittmann , currently this model has not been realized.

This car is made from carbon fiber , which is known as one of the precious materials, so the price of the product if produced on the market is also quite expensive. According to the manufacturer, using carbon fiber will help store and save electrical energy during braking.

HMK 561

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