World’s First Two-Story Bicycle Unveiled by Inventive “Mutant

Many people have seen double-decker buses, but what about double-decker bicycles ? Perhaps very few people hear about that and think that the car cannot exist in the world because it is too inconvenient, dangerous to move.
But in Pakistan, an elderly man named Ghulam Hussain has a special love for double-decker bicycles. He built himself a strange double-decker bicycle , making every time Ghulam Hussain moves on the street, everyone has to look up at him.

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According to share, Mr. Ghulam Hussain is 66 years old this year, from Multan. Ghulam has always wanted a double decker bike since he was a teenager. However, no bicycle company produces the double-decker bicycle as Ghulam wished.
Later when he grew up, Mr. Ghulam was too busy making a living and raising his family. It was not until he became a grandfather that Ghulam had time to devote to his childhood dream.
To realize a dream that has been buried in his heart for more than 40 years, Mr. Ghulam decided to build a double-decker bicycle himself.
To do this, Mr. Ghulam used two bicycles, removed the wheel part of one and attached it to the other. Chains are also designed to connect gears. In this way, he immediately has a two-story bicycle about 1.67m high.
After completing the bike, Mr. Ghulam immediately climbed on the double-decker bike and moved on the street. Many people wondered how Mr. Ghulam climbed into the saddle of the car, whether he needed a ladder or not. Or when stopping the car, how to get off.
Most people think that Mr. Ghulam’s double-decker bike is too dangerous to move on the road. However, with this man, when the dream came true, he no longer worried so much.

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